The sleep feeling of noble satin bed linen. The pleasant feel of extra-sorted high quality fibers.

Article/Size: Price: Pieces:
ca. 288cm 12,25
Slumber-pillowcase, hotel fastener 15 cm
ca. 40x40cm 3,90
Slumber-Pillowcase hotel fastener 15 cm at the bottom
ca. 35x45cm 3,45
Pillowcase, hotel fastener (20 cm) sidewards
ca. 40x80cm 5,45
ca. 50x70cm 5,95
ca. 50x80cm 6,30
ca. 60x80cm 7,80
ca. 60x90cm 8,35
ca. 70x90cm 8,50
Pillowcase, hotel fastener (20 cm) on the underside
ca. 40x80cm 6,00
ca. 50x70cm 7,00
ca. 60x80cm 8,10
ca. 60x90cm 8,10
ca. 70x90cm 9,10
ca. 80x80cm 9,75
Pillow case, hotel fastener (20 cm) with placket (4 cm broad) on three sides
ca. 50x70cm 8,85
ca. 60x80cm 9,95
Duvet-cover, hotel fastener (30 cm)
ca. 140x200cm 30,30
ca. 140x210cm 31,65
ca. 160x210cm 59,30
GARN. 61,30
GARN. 61,30
ca. 150x270cm 21,85
ca. 240x270cm 32,10
Duvet-cover, sack enclosure Seam 15 mm broad
ca. 140x240cm 33,95
Duvet-cover with 2-button-closure in the middle and on each side 24 cm closed (sewn up).
ca. 140x200cm 34,15
ca. 140x220cm 36,45
ca. 160x220cm 69,90

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SATIN-TC 300Zoom
  • 001 - white

Beautiful, soft bed linen in satin quality. Extremely soft to the touch because of the exclusive use of combed yarn. Mercerised for a permanent soft shine. A feast for the eyes. Available with and without decorative stitching.

100 % cotton

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